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Second Homes


Have you been dreaming about having a tranquil mountain side cottage, a little cabin in the woods, a luxury cocoon in the middle of nothing but nature, a personal holiday getaway for your family for a long time? Buying a recreational home space is the most emotional purchase of an idyllic family shelter. You no longer have to make reservations for the “Ideal” spot during vacations…YOU OWN IT!

A second home holds a special place in the hearts of buyers. It is an aspirational purchase, inspired by the dream of rekindling good old-fashioned romance, waking up to your children’s cheerful noises, or sharing stories with your friends around a camp-fire.

Save yourself the hassle of instead of hauling up all of your holiday gear every time you step out. Create your own private holiday spot for the family and leave the essentials for your future visits and have more of play time and less of set up time.
The area around Himalaya Vaas is filled with nature, adventure, spirituality, history, sights, and rich culture.

Create Family Values and Memories
A fast paced city life deprives us of a quality family time that we crave for. Away from distractions and disruptions create your own environment for family recreation and instil family bonding.
A second home is a gathering place where you create unforgettable memories which may eventually become your family legacy and pass it on to the next generation.

Enjoy Nature
Take long walks in the pine groves, stop for breath, and feast your eyes on the greenery. Watch the nature come to life and be amazed at the activity you witness.

Get busy with Recreational Activities
Be it white water sports in Tehri Lake, a spiritual cleansing at nearby temples or savouring snow fall at Dhanaulti, make your own trails, and set your own rules with the ownership of Himalaya Vaas experience.

Breathe in Endless Space
With such abundance of acreage, you have the elbow room you have always desired for. Reward yourself with some quality time to just relax and recuperate.

Prepare for Retirement
Buying a second home in Himalaya Vaas after retirement years from now gives you wonderful holidaying opportunities and allows you to gradually create local community ties for a smooth transition later. Think of it as a chance before retirement to build friendships, get used to the climate, find activities nearby that you can get involved in and spend most of your golden years.